We are a small team of artists and artisans who focus on creating art clutches using painting, shell laying and carving.

We work with acrylic paint, woods like Mahogany and Robles and we also focus a lot of our work with shells like Abalone, Rainbow Pen, Kabibe and Mother of Pearl.

All our pieces will be individual to it’s owner due to the nature of how it is made as well as the materials we use. For example, our bleached abalone shell which can be described as a white shell will render a slightly different look on each bag- the individual shells will defer in their subtle hues, some with a pink undertone, some with purple, blue or even, green.

The painted pieces are finished with a glass-like layer that protects your painting. The shell pieces are also finished similarly.

Everything is handmade and our processes are heavily dependent on sunlight for the creation of our moulds to the finishing of our clutches.

Our bags usually take 3-4 weeks to make and are prepared in small batches.

Each bag is created with the most care but as it is completely made by hand, we cannot guarantee absolute perfection although we strive for it.

Our preference for clean shapes and simple silhouettes is evident in all our collections. We forego protruding clasps for most of our pieces to highlight the creative details on our canvasses; emphasizing our concept of functional art.

Most of our canvasses are handmade with moulded fibreglass which we then use to paint on or to embellish with shell or wood